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The Kpop World was trembled with a series of events that cause a lot of tension inside and outside of Korea. As a KPop fan myself, I believe has been a shaky year of our dear hallyu Stars. The case of Nichkhun and Tiffany is considered one of a kind as both belongs to a different entertainment company. On April 3, , Nichkhun and Tiffany were confirmed to be in a relationship since December of Sulli of f x has always been the cute and girly type of Kpop Idol but suffered tremendous backlash from fans and has to take temporary hiatus on her commitments with the 5-member group, f x from SM Entertainment. Kim Taeyeon and Baekhyun are two of the leading names in the Kpop World.

SM Entertainment Confirms Super Junior Member Sungmin is Dating Musical Actress Kim Saeun

Iconic K-pop boy group, Super Junior has recently announced that they are preparing for their ninth studio album and are planning to make a comeback some time this year, much to the delight of fans everywhere. ELFs their official fandom were especially excited as this will be the first time in a long time that all the members will be together as their youngest member, Kyuhyun , just completed his mandatory military service.

Recently, Label SJ, a sub label under SM Entertainment that exclusively manages Super Junior, put out an official statement regarding the group’s comeback, where the label revealed that Kangin and Sungmin will not be participating in the comeback as they will be focusing on their own individual activities. We would like to make an announcement regarding Super Junior’s full group promotions that’s scheduled for the later half of this year. Kangin and Sungmin, who will not be participating, will greet their fans through different individual activities.

We are currently planning the specific date for Super Junior’s comeback.

Junior’s management agency on Wednesday (24th September) confirmed that Super Junior’s Sungmin, 28, is dating actress Kim Sa-eun,

Twitter Discord Plug. Apparently her reps just denied it? ETA: lol, this is one hell of a PR kick if it’s just for the publicity. She’s ranked first on the Naver realtime search and Sungmin’s ranked second. ETA2: Apparently the wedding hall that it was supposed to be at says there’s no reservation under their names. And Sungmin’s brother Sungjin also said a few days ago that Sungmin wasn’t getting married?

I-ELF are tweeting nice supportive messages instead. If this is some bullshit just for publicity, I Everyone is. Now I’m curious, with so many more ‘reliable sources’ saying this isn’t true, why were fans so certain?

Super Junior’s Sung-min and Kim Sa-eun confirmed to be dating

Korean fans of boy band Super Junior are demanding the removal of member Sungmin from the group, saying that he has deceived and ignored them. In a statement posted on the Korean site DC Inside with the banner “Sungmin Out,”, the fans said they no longer want Sungmin to be a part of the idol group when Super Junior make their comeback in October.

We demand that Sungmin be expelled from the group,” they said, according to Soompi. But when fans asked for feedback about marriage rumors, he ignored those requests.

Super Junior member, Sungmin, has confirmed that he is indeed dating musical actress Kim Sa Eun. The two were reported to be dating on the 25th of.

During the show, Exclusive reports on August 4 claim thatSuper Junior’s full group comeback is set for September, approximately 4 months after the end of their repackaged album promotions with “Lo Siento”. Super Juniorplan on promoting every single month for the rest of ??.. Lua show Super Juniorhave been named the new brand models for cosmetic brand ‘Avajar’ What’s hot? Busy Busy F. Why is Yong.

They’re in the beginning stages. According to reports, Sungmin had secretly gone to see the actress perform in the musical ‘ Priscilla ‘, and both were spotted with matching couple accessories. Congratulations to the lovely couple! Super Junior’s full group comeback with Ryeowook reportedly taking place in September 1,, Exclusive reports on August 4 claim thatSuper Junior’s full group comeback is set for September, approximately 4 months after the end of their repackaged album promotions with “Lo Siento”.

Super Junior will be active as brand models for cosmetic brand ‘Avajar’ 1,, Super Juniorhave been named the new brand models for cosmetic brand ‘Avajar’ Comments deemed inappropriate will be removed and repeat will banned.

Super junior dating history

Currently, the group has 11 members but only 4 are active. However, both sides deny the speculations. The two have been friends for a long time. They were once spotted wearing matching bracelets in their concerts, which after fans spoke out their curiosity.

Our members have nothing. No longer fears super junior member sung-min, hyung will have. A celebrity. Kim sa eun kyuhyun’s jeju. Donghae said kangin and.

Hello, this is Sungmin. Where I should start I thought about what to say so many times starting with the first sentence. After writing and erasing and repeating this process several times I’m more reminded of the faces and voices of those I’m thankful towards My heart aches as I think of everyone who must have been very shocked and surprised about the sudden news.

I’m sorry that I made you find out through articles first while I was contemplating how to first deliver the news to the E. F, who love me and are a dear friend to me, before anyone else To be honest, before I delivered this news, there were times that I had to withstand by myself as I felt conflicted with the thought of my own decision as well as those of everyone whom I’ve been with up until now. Rather than it being a fear about the decision I’ve made, I was more worried about whether everyone that I’m thankful towards would be too shocked or become hurt by this news that they’ve never gone through before.

Although I’m a bit late, I’m gathering the courage to deliver the news myself from all the love and trust you’ve given me.

Sungmin Clarifies Rumors About Him That Caused Fan Boycott

I’ll just simply explain reasons why Sungmin isn’t welcomed by Korean ELF and just a reminder that this is not a post to tell the international fans to hate on him too. I just personally found it frustrating to see international fans not being able to understand the korean fans and vice versa because I see the valid reason for them to be angry I don’t plan to be a supporter of Sungmin until he apologizes to his fans.

He was completing his military service during the time; however, it was around this point of the year that Sungmin started to ask for marriage approvals to Leeteuk as well through letters. He even bought a condo for Saeun and himself on February. He clearly didn’t consider the situation of his members and he was being selfish. They didn’t mind him getting married, but it conflicted with SJ’s schedule and they wanted him to push his marriage back several months around March.

Sungmin, a member of the K-pop phenomenon Super Junior, wed musical actress Kim Sa-eun on Dec. After months of dating, the year-old singer uploaded a message on Super Junior’s official web page in October.

SM Entertainment did not initially provide confirmation, but after following up with Sungmin, released a statement to TV Report confirming the relationship. Representatives for both Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun have stated that the relationship is the beginning stages. Fans were suspicious that the couple was dating due to various social media postings, which further fueled speculation. The reaction from fans of Super Junior, regarding the confirmation, appears to be positive.

Recently, SM Entertainment has been more forward in their confirmations of idol relationships. Girls’ Generation have been at the forefront of dating announcements. The couple has been busy with their professional activities, with Super Junior recently kicking off the tour Super Show 6. During their interview back in for Star Road, the girls shared what they originally wanted to when they grew up. International fans really find the most creative ways to promote their favorites!

She is seen driving through a neighborhood, with her window open, talking with a microphone. She can be heard saying, “Alright, locals. BTS’s new single ‘Dynamite’ drops August 21st! Related Stories!

Super Junior Sungmin Confirmed To Be Dating Actress Kim Sa Eun

Super Junior-M made their official debut on April eighth, Present extra Sungmin enjoyable info…. Donghae Details: — His hometown is Mokpo, Jeollanam, South Korea — Donghae all the time wears a silver bracelet on his wrist, it was given to him by his mom so he by no means takes it off.

Lee Sung-min (born January 1, ) is a South Korean singer and actor. September 24, , Sungmin confirmed that he was dating actress Kim Sa-eun.

The became close last year when they did a musical together, and their relationship developed from there. Congratulations to the two artists on their relationship, moonROK wishes the happy couple all the best! Late last night, I. This morning, the internet was abuzz with reports that singer BoA and actor Joo Won are in a relationship Park Kyung is back with a sweet new single. The Block B member just dropped the music video for I has just dropped their last single together as a group.

Sadly, I. As the group rounds out their year of promotions JYP Entertainment has announced that they will not be sending any male trainees to compete on season Your email address will not be published. Toggle navigation. Source: OSEN. Share this.

This Is Why Some Fans Are Reportedly Boycotting Super Junior’s Comeback

This might be the beginning of the end but I for one am thrilled to bring the news that the first Super Junior member to get married for realz will be Sungmin! Eventually Sungmin capped all the back-and-forth by releasing a letter to his fans confirming the upcoming wedding, explaining that he met a wonderful woman he wants to spend his life with, and asking for his fans understanding and support.

While Sungmin is the first to get hitched in real life, his fellow Super Junior members who have been pretend married on We Got Married might have some useful advice for him on newlywed life. I feel happy for him. On a side note, that hair is just is so bad.. Can he see?

Actress Kim Sae-Eun’s agency denied reports that she and Super Junior member Sungmin will get married in December.A local Kim and Sungmin are still dating​, but the rumor of the two getting married is not true. Kim i.

Today was the most shocking day in for me… My dongsaeng texted me about dating news of Sungmin my ultimate bias in Super Junior … He is the second member that know dating publicly after Shindong.. My mind said I was happy, finally he has someone to share his happiness and sadness.. But my heart still can not accept that.. Who am I to be like that? Just vitamins that know how I feel right now…. How pity the idol should be..

At the end, they broke up.. I want Sungmin had a happy love live. Sungmin will be hurt deeply if the girl as what some of fans imagine.. Without no proof, how came SM just confirm that they indeed dating, while they tried very hard to hide Sully relationship with Choiza..

Super Junior Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun start individual Instagram accounts

I was already in a mental breakdown from the dating news and rumors surfaced about a wedding and with a date: this December 13, It did come true. Here are more articles about this craziness:. Sungmin to get married to Kim Sa Eun this December? In any rate, just looking at these titles alone hurts my eyes, my head and my heart..

Super Junior member Sungmin is currently serving in the military, but he recently got to spend some time on leave with his wife, musical actress Kim Sa Eun.

Seriously, Saeun’s company is making things worse. This is not how you break marriage news. Revealing then denying but you have to announce it sooner or later anyway. If that’s true, as long as there’s love in the relationship, it doesn’t matter to me. I would hope the marriage is happening for all the right reasons, for both their sakes. I feel bad for them both at this point. She’s going to get even more hate, despite denying a rumor from nameless sources. Sungmin, who has never done anything wrong and is fiercely private, is now “the guy from SJ who knocked up his girlfriend.

If this is true I’ll leave them both a prediction: They will become fat and irrelevant, nontheless, be happy with ur average life. Sungmin, who has never done anything wrong and is fiercely private, is now ” the guy from SJ who knocked up his girlfriend. Even if he did admit it indirectly or otherwise wedding details and dates change all the time.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t engaged, etc. But the narrative of “they just started dating” has never meshed with “we’re getting married in less than three months.

Saeun doing Make-up for sungmin

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