In situ U-Pb rutile dating by LA-ICP-MS

Stockli, George L. Luvizotto, Matthias G. Barth, Elena Belousova , Melissa R. Wolfe, Richard W. Rutile is a common accessory mineral that occurs in a wide spectrum of metamorphic rocks, such as in blueschists, eclogites, and granulites and as one of the most stable detrital heavy minerals in sedimentary rocks. The advent of rutile trace element thermometry has generated increased interest in a better understanding of rutile formation. Rutile thermometry of the same detrital grains indicates former granulite-facies conditions. The methods outlined in this paper should find wide application in studies that require age information of single spots, e.

Rutile U Pb Dating

Chemical analyses show that rutile included in other minerals Rt inc commonly show higher SiO 2 and FeO contents and lower Nb 2 O 3 and ZrO 2 contents if compared with rutile in the matrix of the garnet-rich layer Rt mat. Cr 2 O 3 concentrations are quite similar in both types of rutile. Rt mat commonly shows a greater variability in minor elements, especially Nb 2 O 3 0. Few compilations of geochemical and geochronological data on rutile in Variscan metabasites can be found in literature, thus these data represent a new insight on a mineral phase the significance and scientific interest of which are rising in the last years.

Age of Mirny field kimberlites (Siberia) and application of rutile and titanite for U-​Pb dating of kimberlite emplacement by LA-ICP-MS. A. M. Agashev, Y. Orihashi.

Over its decades of use, commercially-produced titanium white paint changed in composition as a result of innovations in pigment manufacturing technology. Paintings conservators today have likely heard the terms “anatase” and “rutile” which refer to two forms of the titanium dioxide pigment. Anatase was first introduced in and rutile in In addition to these keystone dates, Dr. Corina Rogge provided a detailed timeline for each variation with their corresponding co-precipitants.

This timeline provides more precise benchmarks to compare and date titanium dioxide pigment samples. Paint manufacturers commonly added fillers containing sulfates to their media; as a result, co-detection of these compounds does not provide enough information to distinguish between the co-precipitated pigments and manually mixed pigments.

Cr-rich rutile: A powerful tool for diamond exploration

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A method for in situ rutile U-Pb dating was developed using a multiple-collector (​MC) ICPMS coupled to an excimer laser-ablation system. Compared with single.

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Monazite geochronology

Metrics details. These sampled both oceanic brecciated material and a blackwall reaction zone in contact with a micaschist and serpentinized peridotite. Textural observations combined with new geochronological data indicate that rutile and titanite both grew below their closure temperatures during Alpine metamorphism.

In situ determination of hafnium isotopes from rutile using LA-MC-ICP-MS. This energy situ and transfer takes place over picosecond hafnium such that bonds.

This energy situ and transfer takes place over picosecond hafnium such that bonds are laser without using the lattice i. As a result, inter-element fractionation from laser-target u-pb is predicted ablationmcicp be negligible. This has obvious advantages for U-Pb geochronology. Rutile are, however, many other sources of inter-element fractionation within a LA-ICP-MS system independent of the laser instrumentation.

These include: 1 deposition of material on the inner surfaces using the cell e. Some of these processes are not time-dependent and so can be compensated for by matrix-matched external standardization. First, adding a small amount of high-purity H 2 or N 2 situ the aerosol carrier gas can be ablationmcicp to significantly increase the temperature of the plasma and thereby enhance its ionizing u-pb Guil-long and Heinrich. Using N 2 has merit as it can be obtained at purities of the same level as the He carrier gas e.

Situ amount of N 2 or other gas mixture required to maximize sensitivity varies from instrument to instrument.

In situ determination of hafnium isotopes from rutile using LA-MC-ICP-MS

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Rutile and titanite commonly form by replacement of ilmenite in metamorphic equilibrium modelling and U–Pb dating of zircon, monazite, rutile and titanite.

This study investigates Ti mobility in the presence of halogens, as shown by the hydrothermal alteration of magmatic rutile in syenite. The syenite pegmatite studied intrudes gabbro, is preserved as a tectonic block in a major strike-slip fault zone, and formed in a back-arc environment in which there was widespread A-type granite plutonism. Magmatic rutile in the syenite forms millimetric-scale crystals rimmed by magmatic titanite and magnetite and also occurs as smaller interstitial crystals.

The syenite was synchronous with the later phases of regional A-type granite plutonism. Later hydrothermal halogen-rich fluids, derived from dissolution of halite, produced widespread metasomatic scapolite in the syenite. Such fluids resulted in local dissolution-reprecipitation of Ti and Zr and resetting of the U-Pb system in the altered rutile, at Variations in dissolution and transport of Zr and Ti by halogen-rich fluids affect the Zr in rutile geothermometer, which yields unrealistic temperatures when applied in this study.

More generally, the complexities of rutile chemistry in this hydrothermal setting could be reproduced in deeper subduction settings as a result of variations in halogen content of fluids released by prograde metamorphism.

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Box , Beijing , P. E-mail: xieliewen mail. The advantages include high spatial resolution, high sample throughput, good precision and accuracy, and limited sample preparation. For the application of these techniques in U—Th—Pb geochronology, the main challenges involve ion counter drift, matrix differences between reference materials and samples, laser-induced downhole elemental fractionation and common lead corrections.

We review recent efforts to improve spatial resolution, calibrate ion counter drift, and correct for common lead contamination, elemental fractionation and matrix mismatching.

U–Pb dating of shear-zone movement, Schoene and Bowring [] the thermal history of cratonic lower crust, for example by dating rutile from lower crustal.

Storey, Martin Smith , T. N2 – In situ U—Pb dating of a variety of mineral phases is an important goal in petrology. This study reports data chiefly from titanite, but also from rutile and apatite, obtained using the laser ablation LA -ICP-MS methodology on polished thick sections in order to retain as much petrologic information as possible, and allowing trace element analyses from adjacent areas to the U—Pb analyses.

The samples analysed come from Svecofennian intermediate to acid volcanic rocks of the Porphyry Group within the major iron ore province of Norrbotten, northern Sweden, where titanite is a common phase associated with the mineralisation. However, the data are a priori accurate as they are geologically reasonable. Apatite shows reverse discordance, which could be explained by a number of scenarios. The titanite grains studied show complex internal structures.

U-Pb LA-ICPMS dating using accessory mineral standards with variable common Pb

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Rutile U-Pb Geochronology

Rutile is a common accessory mineral that occurs in a wide spectrum of metamorphic rocks, such as in blueschists, eclogites, and granulites and as one of the most stable detrital heavy minerals in sedimentary rocks. The advent of rutile trace element thermometry has generated increased interest in a better understanding of rutile formation. Rutile thermometry of the same detrital grains indicates former granulite-facies conditions.

Zircon U/Pb dating provides usually a crystallization age, while rutile gives amount of common Pb present and most rutile dating requires the correction for.

Chemical Geology , , pp. View at publisher. LA-ICPMS dating of these U-bearing accessory phases typically requires a matrix-matched standard, and data reduction is often complicated by variable incorporation of common Pb not only into the unknowns but also particularly into the reference material. Common Pb correction of the age standard can be undertaken using either the Pb, Pb or Pb no Th methods, and the approach can be applied to raw data files from all widely used modern multi-collector and single-collector ICPMS instruments.

This downhole fractionation model is applied to the unknowns and sample-standard bracketing using a user-specified interpolation method is used to calculate final isotopic ratios and ages. Pb and Pb no Th corrected concordia diagrams and Pb, Pb and Pb no Th -corrected age channels can be calculated for user-specified initial Pb ratio s.

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